Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do you really deserve?

Do you really deserve?
All these years you enjoy a very good life.You pray every single day and every year for many more from GOD all the time.GOD only gives the very best for people.Yet everyday you never bathe when you wake up in the morning to show that you deserve all those good things and the good life that HE gave.Your simple reason for not taking a bathe to clean up yourselve is that, last night you had a good fuck and got overslept OR you have to prepare your children to go to school and have to rush to work.

Who says that...
Being a square is just boring when you read in the media how a pin-dot nation in South-east Asia on the world map, shows it can be a very efficient government with a democratic system consisting of a minimum of Four Leaders ie.a Prime Minister, a Senior Minister, a Mentor Minister and a President.It is a slow progress forward but with careful calculated ambitions and negotiations, they can be anything but their ownselves, which is All Fakes!! People all around the world just want to visit their own collections of Museums in every aspects of their lives' progress, including showing off their Accolades, Honours and Testimonials to showcase its governing showpiece, the Parliament House, that is worth millions of dollars to build.Next already in it's List of Costs, Upgrades and Price Hikes is the IR to further boost the nation credibility to the world.

On the other view of being a circle is a very large continent,spaced between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean on the northern hemisphere with a Single Leader, Mr.President.It is always the newsmaker, the trender, the fashioner, the franchiser for the rest of the world to follow.But what a whole mess it make around the world like a huge steam-roller that moved and crushed, crumbled, flattened everything in its path.Furthermore, so sick and worsened by faulty brakes, it constantly makes deadly errors and mistakes resulting in killing frenzies.Even sadder, the world look up to it as a role player.

The Matrix-Cleanup Technology
The world has announced a breakthrough technology that will keep the world at its cleanest at a touch of a button.It combines the use of the satellite systems with the latest VAIO computer systems.When an area on a country is dirty, an alarm is activated where the satellite will capture the picture and the operator inside the government's Command Centre will be alerted.The operator need only to enter the codes of the affected map to open a command page, look-up for the appropriate tabs, highlight the actions to take and press enter.The affected map will turn glowy-shine and a prompt comes up to say that the job is completed, without doing anything! The press reporters who were present on the Project Exercise commented that it is the job well suited for the immigrants to get well-paid to work 24/7 routine.They also emphasized that it is strictly based on a- "Don't be bother" and "Nobody business"- job application criteria.

Extreme pleasures is...
When you want to get higher kicks for enjoyment in your hobbies, sports and night clubbing.You stuffed yourselves with fashion drugs and you will do anything for your pleasures without considering the unneccessary danger you posed, the damage to public properties and the pain you will inflict to yourselves or to somebody else.You grumbled about the weather everyday being constantly hot and wet, speaking in American accent or British accent when in reality you are living right on the Equator.Nobody is stopping you to migrate to the country that you prefer when your parents are already making lots of money and the good life that God gave.You can sure put to good use your new-found accent.Further to say, you want to do everything in an airconditioned places that can just be simply sums up as CHEAP TALK!